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  • Sophisticated, one-piece design: completely self-contained with built-in air compressor, separate vacuum pump, water and waste management. 
  • High-strength aluminum chassis with innovative WhisperQuiet sound reduction. 
  • Separate oil-free adjustable vacuum pump for powerful suction. 
  • Large, four liter waste container with automatic overflow shutoff and electrical waste purge. 
  • Ample, 1.5 liter water reservoir with additional external water connection.   

Additional Features

  • Wet/Dry foot control
  • Automatic controls for one, two and three handpiecesAccommodates most brands of handpieces and fiber optic systems
  • Three-way syringeAdjustable H.V.E. system
  • Adjustable saliva ejectorAsepsis designed chassis and handpiece holders
  • Recessed controls for easy cleaning
  • Air filter moisture separatorRepair/Tool kit with operators manual
  • Side maneuvering handles and high-grade casters for easy movement of the cart
  • Optional arm-mounted trays and system cover

110 V Part # 2200

220 V Part # 2210

The innovative ProCart™ II combines the best attributes of self-contained mobility and a high-tech design that is perfectly suited for professional in-office use.

Dealer Pricing
(303) 693-1410 Ext. 105
(800) 847-0694

Military and Government 
(800) 863-1027 
(903) 466-1654 

Power Supply: 115 Vac, 60 Hz or 220 Vac, 50 Hz
Circuit breaker protection: 15 amps
Hospital grade wiring, NEMA type 5-15 Plug

ProCart II

Technical Support
(303) 693-1410 Ext. 107
(800) 847-0694

Vacuum Motor
Oil-free 1/3 hp motor
Adjustable vacuum: 0” to 21”Hg
Vacuum flow: 4.6 cfm
Waste receptacle: 4 liters
Sound level: 48 dB
Automatic overflow shutoff
Aseptic filtered exhaust
Large volume solids trap
Automatic waste removal

Width: 20”  (50.8 cm)
Depth: 21“ (53.3 cm)
Height: 30” to 34“ adjustable (76.2 cm 86.4 cm) 
Weight: 100 lbs.  (45.5 kg)


Excellent technical support and customer care are critical to our company’s continuing growth. In order to maintain our number one position, we protect our products with one of the most comprehensive parts warranties in the industry. Customized extended warranty programs can be arranged, as well. Company-directed technical training programs are available for domestic and international distributors.

Self-Contained Mobile Treatment Console

Oil-free 1/3 hp motor
Working pressure: 70 to 100 psi
Flow rate: 2.5 cfm
Sound level: 48 dB
Air reservoir: 4 liters
Automatic air tank purge

110 V Part # 2200

Water Module
1.5 liter reservoir
Pressurized system: 30 to 40 lbs
Aseptic non-retracting HPC coolant
Handpiece flush system
External quick connects for water and air

Long Term Care